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We Empower Entrepreneurs through biblically-based, common-sense education which gives hope founded in the American Dream
Make a Lot of Money!          Help a Lot of People!        Have a Lot of Fun!


Strategic business planning is the "How to" behind achieving goals.  It is your roadmap to success.  We will help you translate your vision into a working plan of attack that generates results.



Do you understand your market? Can you predict what your competitor's are going to do next? That effects do economic factors play in your business success? Together, we devise strategies that improve your sales, your profits and your performance.



There's an old cliche: "What gets measured gets done." We will teach you to use the latest business performance metrics that measure results and compare your team to the top benchmark performers.



All great teams require talented people. We employ proprietary techniques to attract, recruit, train and retain the top talent for your team.  And if you're looking for a career change, we only work with those select few employers who offer a balanced, competitive mix of benefits, opportunity, and culture.



While many small businesses believe marketing is similar to advertising, it’s actually much broader. Marketing spans the entire process of delivering a product or service to a customer: from choosing which products to sell and where to sell them, to how to price and promote them.  We have you covered with world-class services, including public relations.

  • ​​Venture Capital

  • Private Equity

  • Angel Funding

  • Commercial Debt Financing

  • Equity Financing

  • SBA Backed Loans

Let our experts help you determine your best course of action

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The American Dream Podcast


The American Dream podcast is a compilation of strategies to improve your sales, your profits, and your performance by Herald Associates for entrepreneurs. We empower entrepreneurs to change the world.

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