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Herald Associates was established to help you improve your sales, your profits, and your profits.

Tom Herald

Tom is a former Military Officer who served in the USAF both on Active Duty and in the Air National Guard. Business Owner, CEO/Executive Coach, Professional  trainer, Speaker, and Entrepreneur, Business Launcher, Perpetual Collaborator.  He helps small business owners improve their sales, their profits and their performance with an intense focus on the Five "P's" People, Product, Process, Promotion, and Purpose 

"Throughout my career I have followed a high-integrity path and a servant-leader approach, learning from the wisdom around me. I am a big-picture strategic thinker, with a sharp, tactical focus that generates measurable results. I am a thorough planner with a continuous improvement mindset and a process orientation that is based on facts and discernible metrics. I am comfortable with the conceptual and the intangible and continually focused on adding value. I thrive on establishing connections and enjoy building rapport with diverse constituencies. I am an avid believer in dynamic collaboration to achieve synergy based upon mutual trust. I am a life-long learner who embraces change, who is outcome oriented and motivated by impact. My passion is to empower others to become their very best."

Specialties: Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Teambuilding, Sales and Marketing

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